The JobDepotUSA Unconditional Guarantee

JobDepotUSA works primarily on an HONOR SYSTEM. That’s right. We trust you to decide if you are happy with our site.

  • We want you to be happy.
  • We want you to believe that your ad money was well spent.

Reasonable Expectations

Does that mean you will fill your job directly from JobDepotUSA responses? Not necessarily. With today’s Internet 2.0 many, many candidates see ads that have been reprinted, linked, shared, tweeted, etc. There is not always a direct link back to your original posting with us.

After all, there is no one, single resource for you to advertise and always fill your job. Not Monster. Not Indeed. No one! That’s why you are looking at JobDepotUSA.

We urge you to look at JobDepotUSA as a perfect addition to your advertising strategy.

  • We are affiliated with one of the largest and most experienced recruiting agencies in your industry, T3 Recruiters.
  • With over 25 years of thousands of candidate files and knowledge
  • Using our proprietary sourcing satellite sites, driving industry eyes
  • Cross posting with many other job sites, blogs, social media

JobDepotUSA can often produce the one candidate that made a difference.

The Guarantee *

In the end, if you just don’t feel that it was worth the cost, simply contact JobDepotUSA. You can choose from options of –

  • Still need the job filled? Extend your ad 1 more month.
  • You filled the job? Take a credit for 2 more ad slots for future use.
  • You really need more than advertising help? Call T3 Recruiters and give them your contingent search. They will credit you for 3 times the cost of your ad.
  • No? You just want a refund? We will refund you 1/3 of the ad cost.
  • Simple! Done!

    No arguments. We ask you to be reasonable and fair. We trust you to be honest.

    * The JobDepotUSA guarantee is offered only with retail ad purchases. Buying groups and large volume ad purchasers may have different guarantees. Please check with your ad buyer.